Friday, October 24, 2008

Gerald/Gerard -Poster Gone

The only logical explanation I could think of is that someone had a Black & Decker power sander in hand and made room for their own 8.5x11 poster. Greedy much?

Well, at least you can still view it here:
Anaglyph Vote Poster.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote Poster > Missing Poster

WHY? so soon? I liked where i put my poster, I wanted to keep it. I noticed that my poster was M.I.A. about a week ago. I really just want to take a big black sharpie to the billboard and write 'Vote or Die' in a speech bubble next to the silhouettes. That billboard is some prime real estate for some political graffiti.

Hmmmm....Maybe that white shirt should have something on it. Seems like a good focal point for a message.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

iaspire billboard

I decided to put my vote poster on the iaspire billboard on the corner of Whaley's and Assembly Street.
This billboard gets my attention every time I pass by it, so I can monitor the progress easily. It is also made with vector graphics so it resembles my poster and blends in, also conveying the message to vote.
When I placed the poster on the billboard, it was during heavy traffic at around 2:30pm. There is currently construction for the iaspire apartments and I do not think the poster will be taken down until the end of construction.

Monday, October 13, 2008

two words

"eff bomb."

i was betting that my poster would stay up for at least a year, possibly five years.

on an unrelated side note:

this hawk was just chilling in the tree on the left of the top picture about 10 feet off the ground. maybe he took it.

Katie Jones

I posted my vote poster at the intersection of Duncan St. and Harden. I figured it was a high traffic area in good reach to the stop sign. It can also pick up runners on the sidewalk. It is a great place to get many different kinds of people all the way from the Shandon housewife, to the lazy college student. Also, more than likely the people that live in this area drive through this intersection multiple times a day. So the more they see it, the more likely they are to remember it.

Political Science Department

Ok, well 2 weeks and really nothing on my poster except "AAAS"?. It's hung up on the announcement board in the Political Science department. I realize this is like putting a white supremacy poster at a Nazi party convention, but hey. I thought I'd make it extra obvious and dangle a little sharpie there and hope someone would break out of their socially correct shell and defacing-ly doodle/baffle others with their knowledge of the whole electoral proceedings...nope. I'm not going to make it any more obvious.   

Sunday, October 12, 2008


day 1. i posted it at the concert venue Headliners. it seems like drunken crowds are a hit target with some of us. hundreds of people stand in line here every night theres a concert, or during the weekend. the crowd from nightclubs TABU and Element share this hallway with Headliners as well. nothing has happened to it in the past week, which is a bummer b/c i was really hoping for some vandalism. this hallway has seen it all.