Saturday, October 4, 2008


1st DAY
Friday 10/03/08


What I have in mind with this poster’s journey to the polls is to really play up the “You Complete Us” theme, by actually having people “complete” the poster with their own points of view about the election. So I have attached a Sharpie to the poster and written some generalized stuff just to get the dialogue going.  “56th Presidential Election”, and a count down – the count down was added just make it known that writing on the thing is encouraged. 

I hung the poster by the mailboxes at the apartment complex where I live.

What I hope to accomplish is basically the same thing as this blog. The poster will be a community posting for thoughts and opinions, except it will be done in a pre-internet fashion. I don’t expect too many thoughtful comments, there’s not much room for that kind of thing anyway, but I would be pleased to see some participation. Mostly it’s just intended to get people thinking about the election.

So with that said, we will see where it goes.

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