Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the get out and vote project

this blog has been started for the visual and verbal interaction graphic design class at the university of south carolina.

this assignment was inspired by the AIGA vote 2008 posters and the mission on the AIGA SC chapter. 

for more information about the AIGA 2008 vote campaign, please visit www.aiga.org/content.cfm/get-out-the-vote

here is what we are doing. each student picked one professionally designed 2008 vote poster. they were then asked to hang the poster in an area that they feel is very visible to the general public. they are to document its placement from now until the end of the semester.

each student will be posting several images of their chosen poster over time, so that we can see if there is any impact on those that see it or if the poster is stolen, removed or vandalized.

there will be more to come from this class on 2008 vote campaign.

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